My sister's wedding - a very special occasion

March 18, 2013

My beautiful sister Elizabeth married her gorgeous fiance, Michael on Saturday.   
It was a magical day for all of us, not only because Elizabeth and Michael were married but also because my gorgeous Dad was able to walk my sister down the aisle and share in this day with us.  As some of you may have read here, my beautiful Dad is not well and so these moments were extra precious.
For those who have followed my blog in the past couple of weeks, you will have known that my sister Jules and I have been busy making these lovely little flowergirl outfits. My older sister, Jacinta wanted to help too and she made the gorgeous head wreaths from fabric roses, leaves and ribbons.  The ouftits came together so well and all the kids looked so cute. 
Little Juliette overcame her self consciousness and walked down the aisle with Lil.  So sweet.  Lil wore a different dress than was originally planned as she is now expecting.  The other two lovely bridesmaids, Josie and Alicia wore beautiful mint green dresses that matched the flowergirl sashes.
Elizabeth looked so amazing.  Her dress was handmade and was absolutely stuning.  The bridesmaids all looked so pretty too.
Oh so angelic! 
We managed a not too bad family photo, although Juliette managed to find her finger (her comfort habit I need to break!).  Emily and her little cousing Poppy also wore the same outfits as the girls - just for cute factor!!  A rare moment for me to see stefan in a suit - I am used to seeing him with his tool belt and a cap on!
Mum and Dad with the happy couple.

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  1. oh what a stunning wedding! so beautiful. and the church is so beautiful too. Everything about it looks perfect. I love weddings and especially church weddings.

    I'm so so sorry to hear about your dad:( it looks he has a gorgeous family around him.

  2. looks like the perfect day.thoughts and prayers for ur fam at this precious time.


  3. What a gorgeous wedding - it looked like a magical day.

  4. The dresses turned out beautifully, the little girls look so cute. Congratulations to you all x

  5. What lovely pictures! Everybody looks very beautiful! and the little flowergirl outfits are just adorable!

  6. Wow! What gorgeous wedding photos!!! Everybody looks amaying - and you did a fantastic job with those flowergirl outfits!

  7. I always enjoy beautiful wedding pictures. And the little girls are so darling.

  8. I've been looking forward to you posting about this, don't you just love a good wedding? It all looks really beautiful, and great job on the the flowergirl dresses. Are the skirts overlaid in tulle or organza? They all look like gorgeous fairies that have stepped out of an enchanted forest.

  9. Oh Suz what great pictures!! Such a stunning wedding - your sister looked amazing. Great job on the flower girl dresses, they are exactly as I pictured in my mind.

    I'm so glad your Dad was able to be there and walk your sister down the aisle - I know for me those moments with my Dad were one of the highlights of my wedding day

  10. Those are very lovely photos! They are not only still shots on paper, they tell a story on how the wedding proceeded. Everything seems perfect; from the churchyard and hallway, and finally down the aisle. Cheers!

    Stephen Young @ Pixcellence Photography


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