My little peasant girl

March 10, 2013

I made this skirt for Juliette yesterday.  I admired an identical version made by my friend for her little girl, Olive - one of Issie's friends from kinder.  I loved the fabric and the style, so when I found a remnant of this printed corduroy at Spotlight for $2.00, I knew what I wanted to make from it.
It is a three tiered gathered skirt.  I made the pattern up, although there are many around - including one in the Japanese pattern book - Happy Handmade Volume II.  I didn't have access to the book so did some maths and measured up three long rectangles, then gathered and pieced them together.
No skirt here, just a this beautiful face.
I took photos along the way while I made this skirt and have worked out the ratio to make this style skirt for any size child or adult.  Would anyone be interested in a little tutorial and the dimensions to make your own?

Joining up here today. 

By the way, I am super excited as we ordered our first digital SLR camera last night on the net and it will be shipped super fast so will be here for my sister's wedding next weekend!! Yay.

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  1. Beautiful girl, fabric and skirt.i only wish i had the time for a spot of skirt making... You take great photos anyway, your going to love having a dslr and be able to take all the pictures you have in your head which an ordinary camera just wont deliver. Still trying to suss mine out, lots to learn x

  2. Pretty skirt! Love the fabric.

  3. Adorable skirt! I love the fabric. I would have thought you already had a SLR camera because your photographs are so good. Your banner photograph is my favorite. It looks like it should be in a magazine. I hope to get a SLR camera someday but unfortunately it is down on the list right now.

  4. lovely skirt.
    funky fabric.
    cute girl.

    great combo!

  5. An adorable little skirt. I love the different prints you can now get in corduroy fabric.


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