Happy Birthday Emily!!

March 04, 2013

Our gorgeous darling little Emily turned one year old today.

We met with my Mum and Dad, sister and Emily's cousins yesterday for a picnic at the lovely Collingwood children's farm.  I quickly snapped some pics of Emily in her new birthday dress before it got covered in dirt, orange juice and cake.

Here is her birthday dress washed and ironed today.  I used my pattern again - using size 1 for Emily.  The pockets and sleeves I printed myself with cut up apple and fabric paint on calico.  In training for Leslie Keating's handprinted fabric swap!

I started this softie a few months ago after being inspired by this gorgeous one I found on pinterest.  He sat for a while in my 'to do' bag and finally was finished a few days ago for little Emily.
I made the pattern myself.  He is made from leftovers from Isabella's winter jacket.  I knitted the little scarf from lefover 3 ply wool from Isabella's first ever little bonnet.

I made Emily a little long sleeve top from some sweet jersey I picked up at Spotlight.  I havent' decided if it's too 'pjamarish' or not!

Love my twin stretch needle for stretch edging.

Emily getting acquainted with her new friend!

Happy Birthday sweet darling!! Emily is on track for walking at my sister's wedding - took her first steps yesterday!
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  1. Happy birthday to your little Emily! What a lovely post!!! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby! The dress is gorgeous. And I love the softie and the top too. She is so cute on her bed.

  3. looks like u all had a lovely day.its a great spot,we were there last week for a birthday party...lovely dress by the way!


  4. The little softie is adorable with its own scarf, and so is the dress. Very impressive printing your own fabric. I've cut out the Perennial Dress, ready to sew in the next couple of days.

    1. Thanks Pam! I excited about your dress! If you are making one of the smaller four sizes, I am going to make a revision tonight to sleeve length. After making emily's I think sleeve length is a bit long- especially after adding trim. Will probably reduce length by one centimeter . I would love you to add your Dress to my flickr pool when you are done:) suz

  5. Beautiful post Suz! Happy b-day to your little Emily! Her dress and the softy are so sweet!

  6. What a wee cutie. I love that her birthday was handmade (and so beautifully) what a lucky girl x

  7. hi again suz!! try here for melb fete info...


    Mezz x

  8. That softie is precious! Happy birthday to your little one!


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