A shirt for Juliette

February 09, 2013

I whipped up this little shirt for Juliette the other night after the kids had gone to bed.  It's my first garment made on my new sewing table - which I am loving!! It is so cool having everything in arm's reach, including my overlocker.  I can do everything (except ironing) without leaving my seat.  Thanks Dad!!  

This pattern is from Happy Homemade Vol. 2 - Ribbon Tie Blouse.  The pattern sizing is in even numbers so I traced between size 2 and 4 for Juliette (who will be 3 in early May).  I prefer the tie left undone as it sits a little stiff in this weight cotton. 

The fabric is one of the pieces I bought on my most recent trip to Patchwork on Central Park.  It's called Deco Dots by Amy Butler's Gypsy Caravan collection. 

Happy Homemade Vol. 2 is a Japanese pattern book - but luckily being a more recent publication than the earlier Japanese pattrn books, it is translated into English.  I have used this book a few times now.  I made this dress and this one for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge last year.

I took about twenty photographs of Juliette - this was the best one.  I need to think up some good (not bad for your teeth) bribes for photos these days... 

I will be drawing my little dollhouse giveaway tomorrow night if you would like to enter.

Linking up for the first time here today.

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  1. I love the shirt. It is so pretty. I will have to check that book out. My 21 month old doesn't respond to bribes yet and she is the one who needs them for picture taking. Have you tried stickers? That is what I use on my son. I am very excited for your giveaway.

  2. It's very pretty - love the fabric

  3. Very sweet, I love the sleeves - and the yellow chair!


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