kcwc: Day two - Two little bibs

October 09, 2012

I'll be posting on projects the day after I sew them as I do most of my sewing at night so they will be photographed the following day.

On my first day of the kids clothes week challenge I made these two bibs for Emily.   I love a project that decreases (ever so slightly) the size of my scrap box.  I have had the main pieces of fabric for these bibs in my stash for about four years.  They were both not wide enough for a real garment but could be used here.  I traced the bibs from one of Emily's that I always reach for because of its good shape and closeness to her neckline (so no food slops on her collar!).  The one on the left is backed with polar fleece and the one on the right with jersey.  I like something soft on the underside to mop up any mess on little baby faces!  I made the binding myself which added some time to putting these together.

Emily is pretty happy about her new bib and it is now in the wash!
Project details:
Pattern - traced from own bib
Fabric - all from stash
Cost - I didn't outlay any cash for these babies but they probably cost around $2 per bib
Time taken - about an hour and a quarter for both bibs (applying the bias was fiddly!)
A sneak peek at my next project....
A dress for Juliette which I will hopefully have pressed and photographed for tomorrow's post!

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  1. What a super use-up-scraps project! They look great!

  2. She's grown so much! The bibs are cute...got to love projects that use up scraps.

  3. Wow, you're doing very well! I've only cut out one skirt! Looking forward to seeing the dress.


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