kcwc: Day five - Frenchie stripes

October 12, 2012

Here is day four's efforts - a stripey green top for Issie.  Love the pose?! - Actually I think Isabella looks stunning in this pic - but I shouldn't brag! The next one is even better...

Two words come to mind...Blue steel.

I have had this green stipey interlock on my fabric pile for a while now and have admired this pattern since my sister made it a while back for my niece in black and white.

I love the wider neck opening (which is faced - so no binding) and the gathered raglan seam.  This one was sewn betwen Isabella's quiet TV time (while her younger sisters sleep) and late afternoon play with playdough.   Didn't think I would get it photographed by the day's end but daylight savings gave me some extra light before dinner to take a few quick snaps!

Project details:
Pattern - French Stripey, Ottobre 1/2011 (smallest size was 128cm. Isabella is 105cm tall so I scaled the pattern down by four increments and it turned out great)
Fabric - 100% cotton interlock from Rathdowne Remnants
Cost - $6 per metre, I only used about 50cm, so grand total of $3 for this baby!
Time taken - Just under an hour of sewing time

This pattern actually goes up to 170 cm tall so I think I will be using it for myself in the future.

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  1. Awesome top - great job...and she rocks the 'Blue Steel'....LOL.

    Beautiful child,


  2. Wow! I love this one! And I can't believe it cost so little for materials and took you so little time! Brilliant! I'm very impressed that you've kept up the one-a-day thing!

  3. This top is just gorgeous - love the neckline (I always have issues with the necklines on knit tops)

  4. Oh love this sleeve/neck combo! Great job.


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