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August 23, 2012

One of my best friends left to go back to her home in Fremantle on the weekend after a month's stay here in Melbourne with Family.  We met through first mother's group four years ago and have been a great support for each other through raising our girls and life in general.  Karen was describing her poky kitchen to me and was saying she that when she got back she wanted to brighten it up with some little plants and a fresh coat of paint.  Since I have gotten on the crochet band wagon I started crocheting these gorgeous hearts and decided to make a set of green ones to brighten up Karen's kitchen.  They are varying sizes and shades of green.

Karen loved them. 

Karen's daughter Alia, Isabella's best friend from babyhood, turned four on the weekend and I made her a new dress and apron for her Poppy doll I made her a couple of years ago.  The dress is modelled here on Issie's doll.

 I also made her a crocheted heart to hang on her bedroom door.

And we made her these Hello Kitty cupcakes for her party. 

Orange and poppyseed with cream cheese icing.  The eyes and whiskers are licorice and the bow, nose and ears are made from royal icing.  Isabella had loads of fun making the little bits with me and she and Juliette both loved licking the beaters and tidying up the bowl!

I'll be checking out Our Creative Spaces today.

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  1. You have been busy! Those crochet hearts are so sweet.

  2. Gorgeous space - you've been making up a storm! Love your crochet :) Kx

  3. the crocheted hearts are so sweet!
    Well, the cupcakes are too : )

  4. The hearts look so beautiful in the kitchen - they are hanging on the door at the moment and are such a cute reminder to me of many lovely things!! Thanks again so much Suz xxxx

  5. Ps Alia's "Jemima" Poppy Doll came to the park with us today sporting her new pink dress. She was looking so cute sitting on the grass while I was watching the girls climb that another baby girl tried to swoop her up!!!

  6. love those crochet hearts, i am attempting to make a bucketload of pom poms for my kids room, your patience with sticking to a knitted skill is proving better than mine....ive made about five and have been 'resting' for a few weeks now...

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