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August 30, 2012

Meet Kitty and Bear, two friends I crocheted for no particular reason.  They are about ten centimetres tall and have been having lots of fun together since they were made a couple of weeks back.  Their pattern is from an awesome book I found at my library called Super cute crochet.  It has patterns for all sorts of sweet animals including a pig, lion, bunny, reindeer, chook, cow and elephant.

The pattern was very easy to follow although a little confusing to me as a beginner in the world of crochet until I realised it was written with British terminology when I was used to American and didn't realise their were two sets of terms! I prefer the American terms as they make more sense to me.  These two friends are essentially the same pattern, differing only in their ear shape.
I've got my eye on the elephant pattern in the book and perhaps a reindeer when the festive season kicks in!

I'm linking up here today.

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  1. I love these little guys! How cute!!! :-)


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