Pom Pom

May 02, 2012

I had lots of fun making pom poms over easter and have only just now got around to posting photos of the pom pom bunting I made for Emily's room.  I was surprised by the variety of colours I had in my knitting stash.  The beauty of pom poms is that you can make them out of your little left over bits of wool. 
Some of these are made from 4ply wool and some from 8 ply but you really can't tell the difference once they are hanging up.  I made the pom poms using this awesome method that I learnt via Fiona Dalton's book "Hop Skip Jump" when I was making the tail for this bunny. It only takes two minutes to make one vs about twenty minutes using the cardboard ring method.  The pom poms on Bella Dia's blog are about one inch in diameter, mine are about two.
This pic gives a better sense of how the bunting looks completed than the one below - due to the lighting in Emily's room.
It does look very sweet and colourful above her window.

For more creativity, pop over to Our Creative Spaces.

And I can't post today - May 2nd, without wishing my sweet little Juliette a Happy 2nd Birthday!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Juliette! That pom pom bunting is so sweet.

  2. Aww...what a cutie. The pom pom bunting is such a fun idea for little ones. :)

  3. Gorgeous collage of Juliette - happy birthday to her! Might have to try some pom poms this afternoon - a good rainy day activity!

  4. fabulous and pretty ;) loving these pom poms

  5. hooray for pom poms! youve iinspired me to get pom pom making this winter! yay. (love your blog by the way!) Mezz

  6. How clever the pom pom bunting looks great outside and inside!

  7. Your pom pom garland is divine! And happy birthday to your little girl.

  8. I just love pom poms....No I want to go make a bunch :)


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