Emily's quilt top complete!

May 24, 2012

Here is Emily's Children at Play quilt top finished!  I loved putting it together and am now up to basting the layers and then machine quilting.  It's good to maintain the momemtum with making a quilt, which I have done with this one.  Most of my quilts get put away for weeks, sometimes months (and once years) at a time.  I've realised with keeping on going with one, it actually doesn't take as long as you think to complete.  I'll have this one ready before Emily is ready for it.  She is still in her little cradle and using this quilt.

I am linking up here today.

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  1. This is just beautiful! And I had a scroll down to your older posts - your dolly is just divine! You are too clever! xx

  2. Such a beautiful quilt and a wonderful heirloom object to cherish in the future. I love the little squares with the children at play scenes. Simply beautiful.

  3. Oh my gosh, it is stunning! What a lucky girl, to have a mumma who can make such lovely quilts.

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  5. It is really lovely and magical quilt, knowing the love you have put in making it! I am loving the different scenes you have represented in the differetn patches! Emily is lucky girl indeed!

  6. Aaah! It's so beautiful! I love the fabrics, the colours, the way you've pieced it..... everything about it actually!!! You're so talented!


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