The Emily Button Project - Chapter One

May 17, 2012

Isabella is in love with these two 'Emily Button' books.  She loves reading them and has requested them every night for the past two weeks.  She knows most of the stories by heart and I have not seen her as excited about any other stories.  These two books were given to her by her Aunty, Uncle and cousins in the UK as a Christmas gift.  They lay quietly on the book shelf for a while, but once they were discovered, we have not heard the end of Emily Button!  Luckily Stefan and I like the books too - they are really sweet.

The main character is of course, Emily Button, who is a 'real live rag doll' and she saves the day with bits and pieces she keeps in her pocket. 

Her sidekicks, Bobble and Mousey the Mouse help her along the way.

Since my crafty mojo has been creeping back, I am starting to think of birthday gifts for Isabella (late July), and thought how much she would love a handmade Emily Button, Bobble and Mousey.  So, as much for my enjoyment as for hers, I have decided to embark on 'The Emily Button Project' where I will make all three characters as true to the stories as I can. 

Stage 1.
Drawing and deciding sizing of characters...

Stage 2.  Deciding on patterns and fabrics...
Emily - I plan on using Fiona Dalton's Poppy doll pattern as a guide for Emily, although she will be shorter and her head will be longer.  I have sure had some mileage out of that awesome pattern.  I have some beautiful cream wool flannel which I will use for her body and face.  I will have to get my hands on some good quality pink wool felt for her hair and will make the two outfits that appear in the book (equipped with little bits and pieces for her pockets of course!).  I will mostly use scraps from my scrap box for her outfits but might have to buy a few bits and pieces.
Bobble - His face and body are knitted in two shades of pink.  I have wool that will suit and will have to knit the body and face.  I will make up the pattern for him and use scraps from my scrap box for his limbs, tail and ears.
Mousey - This guy will be the quickest and easiest.  I will use button/hinge joints for his arms and legs so he can sit and (hopefully) stand.  Fabrics from scrap box.

Stage 3. To be continued...

These books are sold through the Marks & Spencer chain, and unfortunately you can only order them through their site.  Through my little internet search the other night, I found there are two other books which I will see if Isabella's Nan can find and send to us for her birthday - let's hope she still loves the books then!

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  1. Aww she's going to love it! Can't wait to see once they're all finished.

  2. she sure is going love them :)

  3. What a lucky little girl... They will look sooo cute... she is going to totally love them!

  4. Get ready for squeals of excitement when she unwraps her present........

    Emily Button, Bobble and Mousey are sooooo cute.

    I'm sure you're going to have alot of fun making them almost as much fun as Isabella is going to have playing with them.

    CLaire :}

  5. Great idea. They look like sweet books. Cx

  6. oh my I need to find these books. I'd like to think they'd be for my girls, but truth is they'd really be for me. Goodluck with the dolls. I'll have to check back to see how you went. I've always wanted to make one of fiona's dolls, have even bought the pattern. definitely a must do

  7. This is a fab idea, your daughter is going to love them! I can't wait to see how they turn out!

  8. you are AMAZING, woman. Lucky girls to have such a lovely mum. Oh and M&S deliver to Australia now.

  9. Wow, quite a project you've set yourself up for. Looking forward to weekly updates.

  10. What a brilliant idea for a project - looking forward to updates....

  11. Those books look lovely, my girls would love them, I need to buy them I think!
    Your dolly looks gorgeous too, well done you!


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