Saturday afternoon

April 14, 2012


I finished this little cardi for Emily last night and just in time as she has almost outgrown it!  I knitted it up from some 4 ply navy and pink I had from a failed jumper I pulled out a couple of years ago.  I used a simple round neck drop sleeve pattern and just incorporated the stripes.
It's nice and soft and a break from baby pastels.
And this is my next project...I picked up some gorgeous 'sugar baby' 4 ply orange (colour #7) from Spotlight and am knitting up a garter stitch hat for Emily.  I intend on embellishing the hat with a cream crochet edge and flower.  I am a complete novice crocheter and had to borrow a couple of books from the library to refresh my memory of even the most basic stitch.  I fiddled around this afternoon with chains and came up with a pretty lace flower.  Fingers crossed it turns out!

Found a new crafty link up so am joining in today.

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  1. The cardi is adorable as are the series of baby pics!!! I tried some sewing last night - ended up sitting on a bamboo needle and breaking it.

  2. The cardigan has turned out to be really nice! I especially like the buttons. I enjoy big buttons :)

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