A little hat

April 19, 2012

I am very pleased with my first attempt at crochet!  And also with how this hat turned out.
So cute!! Emily that is!
My sister found a gorgeous pattern on Ravelry which I used as a base for this hat.  I followed the pattern for the garter stitch but instead of the knitted lace edge, I added the crocheted edge after finishing the knitting.  I am now looking around the house for other knitwear that may be improved by a little crocheting!!

Pattern - By Erika Knight on Ravelry with scalloped crocheted edge
Materials - 'Honey' 4ply 100% wool in colour #7 from Spotlight with cream 4ply edge (from my wool stash)
Needles - 2.75mm

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  1. adorable - that is so, so cute - almost makes me want to crochet!

  2. too too cute...and perfect adorable little model!

  3. I love the colour! I tried to learn to crochet a while ago but I haven't kept it up - maybe this winter I'll try again!

  4. so pretty both your little girl and the hat
    loving the colour and dear flower

  5. Oh how adorable! Love the colours!!

  6. A lovely simple beanie with just the right embellishment. Congratulations on the crochet!

  7. Not just any hat... the sweetest little hat imaginable. The sort of hat that makes you go 'sigh'. x

  8. Well, what can I say?!? That is most definitely the cutest hat I've ever seen (and the colours you used are soooo pretty)! And what a sweet little girl!!!

  9. This is so lovely, and the colours you have chosen. I really wanted to make some of these hats when I was pregnant with my second. I love the crocheted flowers on them and think they look like little '20’s cloche hats. I was sure I was having another girl and what do you know..a little boy popped out!!

  10. The hat is so sweet and perfect for such a gorgeous wee baby. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. What a cute one.It is the perfect present for my little princess!


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