Teddy for baby!!

February 26, 2012

I finished Baby's bear this week.  This is about the limit to my craftiness at the moment with due date lingering and the way too warm weather.  My crafty time is mostly now spent sleeping or sprawled out on the couch!  But I am pleased I got this guy finished.
I used the same pattern I used for Juliette's bear (cream one below).  You can find the pattern here. I bought my mohair, joints and eyes here.
Here is Baby's bear pictured with Juliette's (left) and Isabella's (right).  They look like good friends already!

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  1. Gorgeous! Hope you are coping OK in this weather.

  2. Aaah! It's adorable!!! And I love the photo of the three bears together - they look like they all have personalities of their own! :-)


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