Brown dress

January 23, 2012

I picked this cute brown floral up from Spotlight the other day when I was meant to be shopping for baby quilt wadding.  I had seen this line of fabric there and pondered over it a few times but decided against it as it was around $16 per metre.  But when I saw it all on the reduced table for $6 per metre I decided it was meant to be (I chopped the selvage off before blogging so am not sure what fabric is called - was by David textiles).
I looked through all my Ottobre patterns for a dress that would suit the fabric but couldn't find one.  So I checked out the most awesome blog - Craftiness is not optional, to have a look at Jess' tutorials.  I found this sweet dress and drafted the pattern as per Jess' instructions and I think the dress turned out really well.  It features some green floral bias binding I made and covered buttons. The neckline features pleats and the sleeves are gathered.  There is elastic from the buttons at the front around the back of the waist which allow room to grow. 
A nice cheesy grin from Isabella!  I think it will be a good 'kinder' dress (Issie starts in a couple of weeks!), as it has good sun coverage and will hide all the dirt!

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  1. ooooh it's adorable! A lovely match for that fabric. Too cute!

  2. sooo cute!!! Good luck at kindy Isabella :)

  3. Hi there,
    I've only just discovered your blog - and I'm sooo happy that I've found you!!! I knew from the banner at the top of the page that I'd LOVE your styles/photos/colours - and I was NOT disappointed when I explored a bit more!!!
    I'll definitely be visiting again - I'm super-excited about my new blog-find!!! :-)

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