December 17, 2011

My lovely friend Karen called me yesterday saying she was super excited to have a go at making some Christmas angels as gifts for family.  We made a crafty/kiddy play date and I said I'd have a think of how to put one together.  Karen said she had been inspired by Waldorf angels she had seen on the net, so with that look in mind I started drawing, then couldn't red headed little angel made for the top of our tree!
She was constructed from these materials:
  • Nylon stocking piece for head (stuffed with polyfill)
  • Wool mohair threaded hair
  • Recycled weetbix box body covered in blue wool and cream linen
  • Pliable wire wings and halo
She looks pretty sweet on top of our tree...

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  1. She's perfect, Suz. We have a star, but I've always wanted an angel. x


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