Some 'shortie pyjamas'

November 11, 2011

I loved wearing what my sisters and I called 'shortie pyjamas' when I was a little girl.  Bloomer shorts with a shirt - mostly handmade by my Mum.  Here is a variation on the shortie pyjama theme with an appliqued bonds singlet with matching shorts for Juliette. 

They were quick to make and I just cut a tile from the fabric and used vialene to secure it to the singlet.  I then used a fine zig zag to outline the applique.  I will defiinitely be making a few more sets for the girls for summer.

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  1. love this! Could the photos get any cuter?!

  2. Well these are just adorable! I was just thinking today I need to stop being in denial that summer is pretty much upon us and stop dressing my little girl in her long sleave pjs. Will be making 'shortie pjs' (love the name BTW) this weekend I think!

  3. How adorable!!! Love that darling pic in the center on top! So sweet!

    Gave your blog the Liebster Blog Award today! :)

  4. How cute & easy!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. So, so cute. Found Sew Pony via Kristy's Hopeful Threads and am your newest follower.


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