Little deers spring dress number 3

November 10, 2011

I finally got around to making the third of my little deers spring dresses.  This one is also made with a gorgeous cotton print by Denyse Schmidt - I am calling this print 'cottage garden' (as no name was given on selvage).  I made this one up in a size 4 for my little niece for christmas - hence no pics of it being worn. 

I have also just wrapped up my first order from the dress selection and it is ready to post and with another order in the cutting stages, I realised last night that five little girls will be wearing these dresses on christmas day - what a sweet thought.

You can buy the 'cottage garden' little deers dress here!

Also sharing today over at Kootoyoo - full of crafty goodness.

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  1. Adorable! I have two dresses in the works for my middle for christmas and that is about all I can handle - I envy your productivity:) Cyndy

  2. What a beautiful little dress..LOVE that fabric.. just gorgeous! :)


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