Big lady skirt becomes little girl nightie

November 15, 2011

Another summer nightie for Isabella.  This one I recycled from a very large skirt I rescued when tigying up our playgroup dress up basket - there's no way a little kid could walk in this thing without tripping up...
so I thought I'd put it to better use!
Isabella was particularly difficult to photograph (she is usually very obliging) for this 'shoot'.  I took 20 or so photos but the best ones were of her up top and of her photographing the paparazzi!
I made the pattern up and the sleeves sort of 'evolved' but I think they work.  Isabella loves wearing her new nighties to bed and she looks lovely and floaty and ready for sleepy land when she trots off to bed.

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  1. I was admiring a pretty nightie in French store Jacadi only today that was exactly this style. Only problem was the price tag - $110. A little too much for a nightie. Much better to make your own - especially when they turn out to be this cute.

  2. So sweet! It must be so light and comfy on a hot summers night.

  3. That is so clever. My girls love wearing a nightie - think we might just have to give this a go!

  4. You did a great job - it looks great! Great idea.

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  6. Oh that turned out so beautiful!!! Love the added touch of the little velvety bow too!

  7. Who wouldn't want to be lovely and floaty before bedtime? So sweet!

  8. great job, thanks so much for sharing.


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