A bunny and a revamped chair

October 15, 2011

I made this cute 'Jack Rabbit' bunny last week.  I did not have a recipient in mind, although I have two good friends who are having babies in the next six weeks.  But, after I finished him, I decided that the girls could keep him and I could always make another one!

The pattern is by Hop Skip Jump.  She makes the best toys! 

Here he is unclothed (ooh) and sitting on a bright yellow chair that used to look like this...

We found this chair at an op shop years ago - I liked the shape and intended on sanding and painting it...two years later, it was still dropping flakes of white paint in our bedroom and I finally pulled it out and revamped it. 

Now it sits proudly in Issie's room 'adorned' by her baby quilt and some of her softies!  Love the bright blue carpet in the corner of the pic - our current house is a rental and we can't change it!!

Now I am off to finally finish Issie's quilt (don't mind the failed pledge I made) - I will not be blogging again until I am posting up finished pics of it...

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  1. I love your "Jack Rabbit" bunny. He is so adorable. The yellow chair also looks great. You are very talented and inspiring! :)


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