Mamma bear

September 26, 2011

Mamma bear was the first softie I made a few years ago when I was a softie making virgin.  I didn't now a lot about the best materials to use for softies then and made her from acrylic felt.  Over the years, she became very 'bitty'.  I also had a bit of a softie making urge this week so here is my new and improved version!   The pattern comes from the original Softies book (published by Penguin) which I was given by two of my good friends after Isabella was born. It is such a great book - the best one I've come across so far for making cute softies.  I like most of the patterns and have made six of the softies for my girls and for friends.

This Mamma bear is made from a recycled wool jacket (bought from the op shop for $7), which has morphed itself into five soft toys so far, including this donkey and this yellow dressed Poppy doll.  Her body is also from an op shop find - leftovers from the lining of this jacket.  I love recycling!!  Her eyes and nose are suede (no bittiness there!).  Her apron is fun to make - even the smallest scrap will do.  My girls are fighting over her already....might have to make another one!

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  1. She is so darling. Great idea to use an opted wool jacket.

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