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July 11, 2011

I have been asked by Jill at Creating my way to success if I would like to feature on her blog as part of her weekly interviews she does with people who enjoy craft of one kind or another.

What do you create?

I create all sorts of things, but the things I most enjoy making are clothes for my children and as gifts, soft toys and quilts. I also love to rug up on the couch in the winter time with some knitting needles, wool and a cup of tea.

Why do you create?

I love creating things - it is a real soulful pleasure.  When I sew and am enjoying what I am making, I get a real buzz out of watching a piece come together and I love giving things I have made as gifts.  The recipients know there has been love and time spent thinking about that person whilst its being made.  I also love that sewing allows you to be creative and come up with new ideas and (usually) save money!

Do you sell your creations. If so, where and is it profitable?

I have just opened my own madeit store and launched my children's label 'little deers'.  Most of my items are made to order from size 0-5.  I have a winter collection in my store at the moment which includes denim and velvet pinafores, corduroy pinafore tops, long sleeved applique tops, scarves, corduroy skirts and pants and my own original design softies.  To answer the latter part of the this space!

What mistakes have you made/lessons have you learnt along the way?

Toddlers and sewing machines don't mix!  Since my eldest daughter stopped having her afternoon nap I have had to limit the majority of my sewing to evenings when both girls are in bed.  I have to be mindful to still make time for just chatting and relaxing with my hubby at night too.

What is your idea of success and have you achieved it?

I think success is doing what makes you happy.  Happiness is really what everyone is looking for in some form.  I think if you can be happy and try to make others happy today you are making the most out of life.  So, yes, I have achieved success because I am happy.

Where to next?

I would like to stay moderately busy with little deers and keep enjoying home life and looking after my two little girls.  The future hopefully holds another child, perhaps a move to the country, return to primary school teaching and lots more happy times!

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  1. Suz - that is such a lovely story. Lovely to hear that you are happy and things working out for you. Beautiful photos too. Cheers to you and your future success.

  2. hi Suz - am eyeing off the velvet dress and the pinkish long sleeve top for Jennah. She is moving into a size 2 and was wondering whether the sizings were generous or smallish. ta J

  3. I feel very happy when I read such wonderful stories.Hope all of you feel their happiness.

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