Scrappy quilt Part III

May 25, 2011

I have made three more scrappy squares since my last scrappy quilt post...

I now have a total of ten squares (nine pictured as Juliette stood on one with her muddy shoes at the last minute!)...

I think I will aim for a four by four square quilt and will use white cotton strips between the squares.  I think it will live on our couch and be used for cold winter evenings.  Check out the inspiration for this quilt by clicking on 'scrappy quilt along' button on right of my blog.

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  1. They look great! I Love scrappy squares. That would be the second ever quilt I would make (if I ever get started! LOL)

  2. Such a great idea Suz! Man i wished you lived down my street so we could craft away and drink cups of tea.... I have a quilt I want to make out of old japanese kimono scraps. Haven't managed to touch it for the last 6 months.... might be time to get it out I think?! Wish you were here to help me!!! xx

  3. Ooooo you are clever. I love this idea. I'm such a straight line sort of person that I never think to try this sort of thing. Thanks for some inspiration!


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