Rainy day smock - a tutorial

May 30, 2011

You will need:
  • Approx length of smock if using wide fabric or twice length if fabric is 90cm wide (my smock was recycled from a small cot sheet found at the op shop).
  • 5mm elastic
  • 10cm of hook and loop velcro


Step 1.
Draft a pattern - mine is drafted for a 3 year old. You could make it bigger or smaller by adding or subtracting a cm or so all around to go up or down a size (no need to be exact as this is a very free fitting pattern).

Step 2.
Cut out pattern pieces as indicated on pattern. Your pieces will look something like this...

Step 3.
With right sides together, sew arm and back together at raglan seam (I have just overlocked to save time).

Step 4.
Repeat all around until your smock looks like this... (back attaches to sleeve to front to sleeve to back)

Step 5.
Take  a little break... Hmmm...comfy concrete!

Step 6.
Neaten end of sleeves with overlocker or zig zag, then with right sides together sew underarm seams on both sides.

Step 7.
Neaten around neckline and bottom hem with overlocker or zig zag stitch.

Step 8.
Turn neckline under 1 cm to allow for elastic.  Do the same for the sleeves (not pictured).  Allow opening in sleeves for elastic to be pushed through.

Step 9.
Use a safety pin to secure the elastic and thread through the neck casing.

Step 10.
Sew one end of elastic casing to secure before gathering up and securing other side.  Thread elastic through sleeve casings also, secure elastic and close openings (not pictured).  Thread elastic through wrist seams, secure and sew up openings (not pictured).

Step 11.
hem back openings and bottom hem (not pictured).

Step 12.
Attach two pieces of hook and loop velcro to back edge - making sure hook is attached to right side and loop to underside (or vice versa).  Match position of velcro with both sides before sewing.

Press and hang and you have finished!  Great for rainy day play.

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  1. Great tute, love the smock. Loved the stripey top too, so cute. Can't wait to see the scrappy quilt come together!

  2. Smock is great! Just catching up on your latest creations, they are all beautiful x


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