Isabella's quilt Part II

April 09, 2011

I have been steaming along with Isabella's quilt. I am really happy with how all the colours are coming together.  I probably have an hour or two left of sewing the quilt top and then I will be up to putting it all together!  I have decided I will do free form machine quilting on the quilt top and have been reading up on how to use a free form foot as I have not used one before.  If any quilters out there have any tips on using one or on which type of thread works best, please let me know!

You may be interested in seeing Isabella's quilt Part I to see where I got the inspiration for this project.

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  1. Hi Suz
    I have been trying to send you an email with my address for the softies but it just keeps bouncing back!
    So its Leonie Doran
    160 South Road, RD2, Waipu 0582, NZ.
    Thanks so much for your contribution


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