Cherrie on a tree swing

April 07, 2011

I've just finished and framed this little needlework project. It's called "Cherrie on a tree swing".

The design is by Aneela Hoey from Comfort Stitching.  Her blog is gorgeous and I love all the things she has made.  Her line of fabric Sherbert Pips is released this month.  Think I will have to get my hands on some!

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  1. I love this. I've already got some sherbert pips (from the US). lovely.

  2. Gorgeous suz, I think it would look great with a mount.Ikea do good frames.

  3. I thought I recognised your swinging girl. I love Sherbert Pips even though I have only ever seen in online!

  4. Me too Suz! I've pre-ordered and have been stalking for a shipping update lol! Your stitching is LOVELY!

  5. SO cute! I have seen this as well. Maybe I'll get to it one day. Yours turned out beautiful :)


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