Isabella's quilt Part I

March 14, 2011

No, I didn't make's the beautiful pattern and inspiration I am using for Isabella's 'big girl quilt'.  It was designed and made by Sarah Fielke from The Last Piece.  My sister found the pattern and we both fell in love with it and are both in the very early stages of making quilts for our daughters. I have selected all my fabrics and used the basic light/medium/dark colour combinations as Sarah's quilt, but I think the overall look will be very different.

Here is how Issie's quilt looks so far...

These are the contrasting triangles (when cut) that make up the 'flying geese' that are the main pattern winding through the quilt.

This is the centre fabric of the flying geese.

                                                   These are the larger squares in the quilt. 

Left fabric is the border while right fabric is the backing.

So now that I've shown it to the world, I have committed myself to get moving with getting it finished!
Watch this space...

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  1. You have suck a knack of putting fabrics together...looking gorgeous!

  2. This is going to be gorgeous!!! btw, your little skirt inspired me and I'm going to be making one similar today for a little set I have going. :) Thanks!

  3. Hi just popped over from the sewers unite group on AMB.
    I love the quilt you are getting your inspiration from and the fabric you have chosen is lovely. It has a vintage feel to it.

  4. Hi. I just popped over after seeing your post on AMB. I love love this quilt! Can't wait to see yours finished.

  5. Love those last two fabrics, great colours! (what are they?)
    Actually all of them are cute. It will be a lovely quilt :-)

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