Hello cat!

March 04, 2011

I have been admiring Maiike Soft Things for a while now and have been keeping my eye out for a suitable garment to recycle into a cute little creature. One of Isabella's baby cardigans recently made it back to us and I decided it was too felted and out of shape to be worn by another bub. It was my favourite of her little knits (sorry Mum) so I recycled it into this little cat!

The head is made of a wool/cashmere mix that I bought from Rathdowne Remnants. Arms and legs are scraps from my fabric stash and button eyes are recycled. Cute!!

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  1. That is just so super cute! What a great way to keep her little sweater :)

  2. Thanks Trisha! Yes, this way I don't have to get rid of it...up your alley, I think!

  3. Suz, Your an inspiration. I am in awe of all your creations!! xxx Ingrid

  4. wonderfully cute! I am partial to cats already so how could I not love your creation. came to visit via kootoyoo and will 'follow' you

  5. Purrrrfectly Precious!!! Love it!:)


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