March 08, 2011

I had three gorgeous newborn babies to visit this week - Zoe, James and Indianna. So, gifts all round - I think I am making a rod for my back! I decided I didn't need to be lazy and buy cards. I found empty white cards with envelopes at local store and just added fabric in the insert. So easy and pretty cute for only 45 cents each! Here are some of the things I made...

The little bib was for baby James and the skirt for his big sister Zoe who turns three this week.  Zoe's skirt is a simple gathered number with elastic top made from Lovebirds fabric and a little red spotted pocket with red ribbon bow.

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  1. that skirt is too adorable with the pocket and bow! and the little bib is very cute too. :) Lucky little kiddos!

  2. Beautiful Suz...I also love the wee skirt! Are you coming to Warrnambool soon to present your gift to Zoe? She is VERY cute

  3. 20160907 junda


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