Sewpony has made it to google!

February 23, 2011

I was just playing around with my blog and typed in 'sewpony' to google. My blog is listed! About the eighth site down but it's there! This means that enough people have looked at it to allow it to register with google. Fun. I have found a prolific sewing blog which I will be referring to regularly. It's here. A mother of two in America who has made so many beautiful things (I am mostly interested in the children's clothes she has made)... I am wondering how she has managed to accrue 1,800 + followers - that's epic!

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  1. How exciting Suz. I have just checked out the blog you mentioned - your clothes are just as nice. Some interesting presentations. congrats on googling it. Mum.

  2. Thanks for the link - I know I can trust you're taste in style, quality and 'cuteness' factor!!

  3. Correction .."your" taste. Oops! Preggo brain ;)

  4. SO VERY exciting!! :) Now I'm curious to go and google my blog & see what comes up.


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