How to make... a little bib (my first tutorial)

February 21, 2011

Hi there! This is my first sewing 'tutorial'. Thought I would go for something simple and cute... a baby bib. I hope you like it and find it useful. I would love to hear from anyone who uses it.

  • 30 x 20 cm piece of backing fabric - towelling, polar fleece, flannelette or soft cotton
  • Assorted scraps for front (soft cotton)
  • Velcro tabs for fastening - 3 x 3 cm piece each of hook and loop
  • Bias binding - approx 1.3 metres (best to use 16-20 mm wide to enable 8-10 mm of bias edging)

      1.  Simply trace around an existing bib and cut around outline.

2.   Use bib pattern to assemble scraps for front of bib – allowing seam allowance of 1cm for all seams
(do not include seam allowance around outline of bib).  Press seams as you go.

     3.    Cut assembled scraps into bib shape using template to trace around.

4.   Pin bib front and back together – wrong sides touching. Place pins away from bib outline so will not get caught in bias binding seam.

5.   Open up bias binding and pin to outline of bib (do as I say, not as I do... I didn't pin as my bias was too narrow).  Sew in ditch of bias fold matching up edge of bias with edge of bib.

After you have done this, your bib will look like this...

6.    Fold bias binding over bib outline and pin.

7.    Top stitch around bias binding - 1mm away from seam (sewing on bib back).

8.    Pin velcro to bib ends - hook on underside of bib and loop on right side.

9.  Stitch velcro in place - ensuring is sewn securely and with back stitch.

And that's it! One super cute baby bib - modelled here by Juliette, who is just learning to stand up! 

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