The epitome of cuteness and a sweet cupcake suit

February 24, 2011

I am biased but I swear Juliette is getting cuter by the day!! I am super excited about making some baby suits for her. This first one has turned out so well and was very satisfying to make! The only changes I would make would be to make the banding on the legs 1-2 mm wider to better accommodate the snaps.

I used an Ottobre pattern but added my own touch to the front with some little frills and a pink panel of buttons. I love how making do with what you have encourages you to come up with new ideas. I didn't have three of the same colour button but had one of each of these which match the cupcakes!  I used a leftover scrap of flannelette from my baby bib for the buttons to sit on - was a better contrast than straight on the interlock.  I am loving my twin needle for sewing stretch edging and the snaps make the suit look very 'profesh'!                                                                                                    
     Fabric - Printed stretch cotton interlock and cream contrast interlock 
     from Spotlight 
     Pattern - Ottobre 1/2010 (modified bib)
     Bits and bobs - three white snap fasteners (paired), three buttons 

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  1. Nice work Suzie!
    When are you taking orders?

  2. We shall see... might even look into etsy shop in the future!!!

  3. man you are good.... you'll be opening up a shop soon!

  4. Have you been fringe cutting as well as fabric cutting?


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