A makeover

January 28, 2011

My blog is three days old and has already had a makeover! Decided I wanted to incorporate sewing into my blog title (even though I love the horse too). Hope this title will give readers more of an idea of what my blog will be about. Wasting too much time on here already though.... but it is fun!

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  1. hi!
    welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! your blog is looking great and good work on a makeover after 3 days - i have been going nearly 5 years and still have good intentions of a makeover! sweet dolls too!

  2. Thanks Louise,
    My first interaction from someone I don't know on my blog! I have the softies book and mabel monkey was the first one i made! She is on my slideshow-hope I have acknowledged correctly.
    Thanks for writing:)

  3. Suz
    Your blog is fantastic! It has inspired me to become much better at sewing....which may take some time! I look forward to following you and your new creations.


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