Another Catherine cardigan

January 22, 2018

Today I am sharing another Catherine cardigan that I finished up this week.  I found this gorgeous texture coral and khaki knit fabric at Spotlight and knew it would look great sewn up.  This view is the long sleeves with the pussy bow.  My petite 9 1/2 year old Isabella is still wearing size 7 in most things, although you will see that her jeans are too short!  We think they look cool this way!  


the catherine cardigan

January 12, 2018

Hello faithful readers! This blog has been rather quiet recently. This is for a few reasons...summer holidays, laziness and getting a new computer and working out how to use it!  Well today I am excited to share a pattern project I have been working on over the past couple of months.  You may have caught a couple of sneak peeks over on Instagram.  I have made three so far, but love this one the most.  I originally made it for Emily (size 5) and photographed her in it, however I wasn't happy with the photos I took and decided to try again for some new photos. I happened to try it on  this morning since her second name is Catherine (after my beautiful Mum), and since it was her turn to feature on a pattern cover.  It looked great on her a little more fitted and so here are the photos on Juliette Catherine!


lotte martens tour

November 14, 2017

Today I am very happy to be part of the International Lotte Martens tour! Lotte Martens is a beautiful Belgian fabric brand owned by Lotte herself.  I was contacted a couple of months ago by Eva (Lotte's PR manager) asking if I would be interested in receiving some of the gorgeous screen printed fabric to sew up for this tour.  Of course this an offer one cannot refuse!  I eagerly jumped on line to carefully select my favourite fabric to order...

issie top

issie top tour - day 9

November 10, 2017

Today is the final day of the Issie top tour!  You can purchase the pattern HERE. For the next 12 hours only you can receive a 10% discount on the Issie top pattern by using code: SSIERELEASE10.  Today four fabulous ladies are sharing their creations today! Jenya from While she was sleeping, Emily from Enjoyful Makes, Katrien from Kaatjenaaisels and Qwinta from Made by Larth!

Jenya from While she was sleeping is  my long time Aussie blogging buddy and she has helped me with testing and promotion of all of my patterns! I am so grateful for that. Jenya is a lovely Russian born lady who lives a few hours away from me. She loves to sew for her two sweet daughters and also for herself.  She made the sweetest Issie top and dress for her younger daughter.  Head over to While she was sleeping to see both beauties!

issie top


November 08, 2017

It is the second last day of the Issie top tour today...I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful tops and dresses! You can purchase the Issie top pattern HERE. Use code: ISSIERELEASE10 to receive 10% off your order (expires this Friday). Today I have Marieke, Emi and Debora along sharing their beautiful Issies!

Marieke is from Netherlands and sews wonderful things for her family. She blogs at Creative Catoo and has an IG account called: Fabricandthemachine.  Marieke was the third place winner in my Dressed in sewpony sewing contest with this beautiful Tic tac toe dress.  Look at this stunning Issie top she has made in gold and black. Head over to Marieke's blog to see more!!

issie top

issie top tour - day 7

November 06, 2017

Just three days left of the Issie top tour!  Remember you can still purchase the pattern with a discount of 10% by using code ISSIERELEASE10. You can purchase the Issie top pattern in English, Dutch and French and can find it HERE! Today I am pleased to have Jill, Jenny and Susanne along to share their Issies!

No doubt you already know the uber talented Jill from Kneesocks and Goldilocks (IG).  Jill is a lovely lady who lives in Canada with her husband and four children.  She works as a fertility specialist and sews in her down time! Mostly for her sweet little daughter June who makes everything shine! She is just cutest!! Jill and I paired up in the creation of the Juliette dress and top and she was a pleasure to work with on this project. Jill sews late at night but seems to be able to squeeze another hour out of each day with the level of her sewing productivity!