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Issie top with Rose collar

October 18, 2017

Today I am haring an Issie top I made over the weekend with the new addition of the Rose collar!  I really love this design by Mijke from Riddersenrozen.  It makes the top look really elegant!  When Mijke first showed me the design about ten days ago, I thought it was too close to my planned release date to include it in the pattern, and I hoped to release in a couple of weeks as a free add on. But when I sewed one up, I knew it had to make it to the pattern!! Isn't it pretty? It's also really easy to make and really only adds another five minutes to the contruction of the top. We named the collar after Mijke's lovely daughter, Rose.

issie top


October 17, 2017

Today I am super excited to announce that the Issie top pattern is now available HERE! This pattern has been so much fun to create, test and sew.  The top offers many options and is very adaptable.  Today I am also letting you know about two discounts you can enjoy...You can receive 10% off the purchase price until the November 11 (10pm Melbourne time). Yes, this is a long discount as it will apply thoughout the Issie tour also. Use coupon code: ISSIERELEASE10 (apply at checkout).  Read on to find out about the other lovely discount and a surprise addition to the Issie top pattern!

issie top

issie top for emily

October 12, 2017

This week my lovely testers are sewing up the Issie top.  It's a very exciting part of the process, seeing my designs being sewn up by talented sewists from around the world! Things are going well and the pattern will ready for release next Tuesday 17th October.  I changed the sizing on the pattern which meant that an extra size has been added. So the Issie top will be sized from 12 months - 12 years! Yay.  I needed to sew up a couple of samples to test the new sizing so I whipped up this grey Issie top today for Emily from fabrics I had in my stash.  I love that woven fabrics can be used for the ruffles on this top, which means my scrap bags can be put to good use!

issie top

issie top - apply to test (closed)...

October 07, 2017

Today I am sharing the original design of the Little Betty (now the Issie top), that I first designed over three years ago! As you may have read in my previous post, I wanted to update the pattern to include more sizes and options.  This top includes the double ruffled and pieced top with deep cuffs and waistband. I love how this one turned out and who can say now to a creamy pink jersey print???  This lovely combed jersey was designed by Jenny Rosen for Birch fabrics,  which I purchased at my local Spotlight. I love that Spotlight now carry a great range of designer fabrics like Birch, Cloud 9, Denyse Schmidt. I paired it with some teale/blue cotton rib. 

sewpony patterns

Little Betty in pears!

September 29, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am close to having the revision of my Little Betty top pattern ready for testing.  I first released the Little Betty top a few years ago now and I wanted to update it for a few reasons. Firstly, it only went up to size 8 which is inconsistent with the size range of all of my other patterns (12MO-10Y).  Secondly, I wanted to add some simpler options to allow the pattern to be a go to knit top pattern that was quick to make.  And, thirdly, I wanted to try digitally drawing my sewing instructions.  So, today I can show you the simpler 'sans frills' Little Betty top I made a couple of days ago with the trademark cuffs and waistband.  PS....I am considering changing the name of the pattern and am looking for feedback.  You can help me in a little poll in the sewpony patterns fb group!

la maison victor

la maison victor - part unintentional mini Dalores skirt!

September 19, 2017

Hello! So this is post number two for the La Maison Victor blog tour. You can read all the details about La Maison Victor in my previous post here.  For this post, I am sharing the first Dalores skirt I made (which ended up just a little on the short side), along with a Miss Polly dress I made for Emily so we could twin!  As outlined in my previous post, I hadn't realised until after the fact, that the Dalores pattern uses two pattern sheets to achieve the length, so this skirt is the shortest length outlined in the pattern , but is still 20 cm shorter than intended...Oops! Anyway, I still like it and will wear it lots!